We Keep Getting Better!

Since 2010 Easy-Chord-Piano-Lessons.com has been helping students understand and read sheet music with the help of over 70 video lessons and Easy-Read Sheet music.

In 2013 Guy decided to create another course, Play Piano By Ear.  With this new development of teaching, our sales doubled within months!  We knew we had something special, so we decided to combine our courses! 

Extra Bonus Course!

The Play Piano By Ear Course became so popular, we included our original course of Video lessons as an extra bonus! This gives the customer even more incentive to become a member. That's why we call it the Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course!

The Student

Anyone can create a "piano" course, upload it to the Internet and start making money...but unless you understand the everyday goals and needs of each individual piano student, that course is most likely going to create more frustration in your students than anything else.

"I've been fortunate to experience a great deal of success in growing my student roster and retaining students over the past two decades of teaching. Those same teaching techniques have gone into every aspect of my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course.- Guy

World Wide Members

We have customers from around the world!  The technique of playing piano by ear is sought after worldwide - with very few resources. Having visitors from 67 countries (and counting) Guy knew that with his experience and the unique niche in the market, we’d have a great product.

Proud To Use ClickBank

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And Not To Mention...

Fantastic Commission! You'll make and unbelievable 60% commission for every course you sell!