The Secret To Reading Sheet Music In A Day!

Over 80% of all piano students discontinue lessons within the first 18 to 24 months of instruction due to the high level of difficulty in reading standard piano sheet music like the example shown above.

If you've ever had traditional piano lessons before, then you know that it's not easy learning how to read one set of music notes for the right hand, the treble clef, and a completely different set of notes for the left hand, which every piano student knows as the dreaded bass clef.

Breaking Free From Standard Sheet Music

My 3 Simple Techniques To Playing Piano By Ear have helped thousands of students learn how to play the piano quicker and easier than any other piano method on the market, and my EZ Read Sheet Music is the one main factor in the success of all my students.

  • In the video below I'm playing a medley of rock, pop, classical and jazz songs using my EZ Read Sheet Music and a few intermediate chord techniques. 

Click the link below to download the sheet music as you follow along with the video. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the music. The professional sounding piano arrangements that you're about to hear were produced from the sheet music you're about to download.

Click Here To Download The EZ Read Sheet Music