The day I quit playing the piano

by Ann
(New Hampshire)

When I was 7 my parents decided that I needed to take piano lessons to make me well-rounded.

One problem...all I did was scales, scales and more scales. By my second year I never got to play any songs. "Technique is the key!" my crusty old teacher would say.

Actually, I did play classical pieces but they were so boring. All I remember is that my teacher corrected me every time I called them songs. They're "pieces" she would say. I just wanted to stop my lessons. After a lot of begging and pleading, my parents finally let me quit. I was so happy that day!

30 years later, I missed not being able to play. When my friend from work told me that she was going back to her 60's...I thought, good for her! I should do something for myself too. So, here I am. I tried a few of the free lessons and I still can't believe I can actually play a real song and enjoy it!

The intro lessons were short enough to allow me to get my feet wet without a whole lot of stress. So different from lessons as a kid. Thank you so much for making this site! I'm definitely going to become a member!

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