Take Me Home, Country Roads
- easy adult piano tutorial -

Video #1: Labeling The Keys

If you're new to the keyboard, then I recommend that you watch Video #1: Labeling The Keys.

By labeling the keys, you'll be able to learn the letter names of the keys in a matter of minutes, instead of the usual 4 to 6 months. If you already know the key names and can find them with ease, then skip down to Video #2.

Video #2: Piano Tutorial – Take Me Home, Country Roads

The lesson below offers an excerpt from "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver. My goal in teaching you just a small portion of the song is primarily to present an easier method of playing the piano that will enable you to read sheet music quickly and easily.

Normally it takes a good 4 to 6 years to learn how to read standard music notation, but with my method and specialized sheet music, you'll be reading music notes within minutes.

NOTE: Download the specialized sheet music by clicking the link directly below the following video player and then watch Video #2.

"Take Me Home Country Roads"


Imagine being able to sit down at the piano and play anything that you hear without the help of sheet music.

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