Hello, and welcome to the audio lessons download page of our newest phase of Easy Chord Piano Lessons. The following audio course has been designed and developed for students with a basic knowledge of chords and melody.

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NOTE: Lessons 3 through 24 are inactive on this sample lessons page, including the Master Class Lessons.

           Getting Started

Lesson 1 is more of a test to see where your ear is in terms of being able to pluck out a simple melody on your keyboard.

The first song is a relatively easy song titled, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". I'm going to ask you to learn it by ear in the key of C major. This may take thirty seconds or thirty minutes depending on how developed your listening skills are and how that translates into musical notes.

  • To get started, simply right-click on the audio link below to download the mp3 of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

  • Listen to the song as many times as necessary, then go to your piano or keyboard and start plucking out the melody notes. The song starts on Middle C and doesn't go any higher than the C directly above middle C.

When you think you've figured out the melody notes, return to this page and download the sheet music labeled: "MELODY ONLY - NO CHORDS"

We'll add the chords in Lesson 2. Good luck and enjoy your first lesson on Playing Piano By Ear.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: The MP3 and Sheet Music links from Master Class 4 are active on this page and available for you to download.

READ ME FIRST - Course Introduction

Lesson 1

LESSON 1 - MP3 Audio File: Row, Row, Row Your Boat - MELODY ONLY


Lesson 1.2

LESSON 1.2 - A Few Basics

Lesson 2

LESSON 2 - MP3 Audio File: Row, Row, Row Your Boat - with chords

LESSON 2 - Sheet Music: Row, Row, Row Your Boat - with chords

Lesson 4.2

Lesson 4.2 - Chords To Start Learning Now

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Sample Lesson: Master Class 4

I realize that you may be a few months away from an advanced chord style piano arrangement like the one from Master Class 4, but I've placed it on this page to give you an idea of what you can do with a very simple song once you begin the Master Class Sessions. Imagine what you'll be able to do with a more advanced song. Enjoy!

MP3 Audio File - Advanced Chord Arrangement

Sheet Music - With Advanced Substitution Chords

CLICK HERE: Master Class Sessions

The master class lessons are designed to fine tune your ear and your knowledge of music to a level that will impress even the most advanced musician.

By the time you are finished with these master classes, you will be able to play any song by ear, in any key.

Your Online Piano Instructor,

- Guy Faux