Quick Piano Tip 9

Quick Piano Tip #9 - Using The Metronome

How to practice fast, upbeat songs. Let’s say you want to learn a song where the quarter note equals 160 on the metronome.

Most students will have to gradually work up to 160, so the first thing you want to do is find the slowest speed that you can play the song comfortably.

Next, break the song down into sections — keeping the sections 8 measures or less. If it’s a really difficult song, you may only be able to practice one or two measures at a time.

Set your metronome at a comfortable speed, let’s say 92, and practice the first section. Once you’ve mastered that section at 92, gradually increase the speed of the metronome.

Depending on the song, you may only want to increase the speed of the metronome a few beats per minute. If it’s a fairly easy passage, you may be able to increase it 10 bpm’s or more at a time. Depending on the difficulty of the song, getting to the desired speed may take a few days or a few weeks.

The important thing to remember is that the metronome should be a part of every musicians daily practice session. If you’re more advanced, a drum machine will also do the same job as a metronome, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun in the process.


Music will take you places you never thought possible, and the journey starts with you making the commitment to practice every day.

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