Quick Piano Tip #7

Quick Piano Tip #7 - Learning Chords

Chords are the inner workings of music. If you understand chords, then you understand how music works.

I’ve been playing the piano for fifty years now, and it wasn’t until I learned chords and how they were interrelated with the melody, that I actually started enjoying music to its fullest.

If you haven’t started learning chords, then I suggest you ask your piano instructor to teach you the C major chord in root position, first inversion and second inversion. (see image below)

Learning chords really is the key to whether you’ll be playing the piano for a few years OR fifty years.

For me, learning Chord Style Piano was the best thing I ever learned.

I almost quit piano for good when I was 18 — but someone taught me a few chords and I gradually started to understand the secrets of music!


Music will take you places you never thought possible, and the journey starts with YOU making the commitment to Practice Every Day.

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