Quick Guitar Tip #9

Quick Guitar Tip #10 - Improving Your Sight Reading

Every student is different. Some students are natural sight readers and some students need to really work at it.

What is sight reading? It’s the ability to play through a song at a fairly competent level on the first try.

My teacher would tell me the same thing every time I started working on a new song — “The slower you go, the faster you’ll progress.”

It was good advice. Of course, I would always rush the learning process and just end up frustrated. However, when I followed my teacher’s advice by playing slower, I always progressed at a much faster pace.

Therefore, when you sit down to sight read a new song, there’s no rule that says you have to play it fast. Remember, the slower you go, the faster you’ll progress!


Music will take you places you never thought possible, and the journey starts with you making the commitment to practice every day.

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