Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and play any song that you hear, without the help of sheet music.

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Let Me Tell You Why My Course Is So Effective!

You begin by learning traditional melodies and the most essential chords used in popular music. You'll be playing songs from the very first lesson. 

My Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course is a chord-based learning system that will take you from a complete beginner to a professional sounding piano player in just 24 weeks!

I'll show you the secret to pulling chords and melodies right out of thin air. You'll be amazing your family and friends in a matter of weeks!

How Is That Even Possible, You May Ask?

The answer is simple...

By learning how to play by ear, you eliminate the most time consuming part of learning any instrument -- and that's learning how to read standard music notation.

Learning how to read standard sheet music for piano takes years because of the necessity to learn two separate and different sets of notes:

  1. Treble Clef - Right Hand Notes
  2. Bass Clef - Left Hand Notes

Not to mention the myriad of complex music symbols to remember. But playing piano by ear depends solely on learning a time-tested, proven system of ear-training that really works!

Playing by ear has always been a mysterious ability. You really will amaze people by sitting down at a piano and playing any song requested.

The effect that your new skill will have on people around you will amaze even yourself. Your family and friends will look at you differently. They will see you as a gifted musician, which is what you will become!

Take A Look At What You'll Get In This Amazing Course

Lessons 1 to 9 will have you learning essential 2-chord songs from day one.

"This may be an obvious statement, but the key to learning more complex songs is to first learn simple songs, which is how the first part of my course was designed and developed." - Guy

In these lessons, (totaling 46 exercises), you'll get plenty of practice matching straight forward melodies with the most fundamental chords used in today's popular music.

By the time you complete Lesson 9, you'll be more than ready for more complex melody lines and more advanced chord progressions.

I also give you short lessons in-between the main lessons to help you get ready for more advanced techniques in later sessions.

In mini lesson 4.2 for example, I teach you the 7 most common chords in every key, plus their inversions, and give you an organized daily practice plan that produces amazing results in just weeks.

As a private piano teacher, I know and understand the obstacles that students face on a daily basis and my practice techniques were designed to help you break down the learning process into bite-size sessions, allowing you to see noticeable progress in just your first few weeks of online instruction.

Lessons 10 to 16 cover 3-chord songs.

In these lessons, (totaling 22 exercises), you'll learn how to determine the 3 main chords in any major key and how to match more complex melodies with their proper chords.

In Lessons 10 to 13, you'll gradually begin to experience how one extra chord can both complicate and enrich a melody line.

  • Mini lesson 11.2 will introduce you to several advanced 4-note chords and their inversions, while lessons 14 to 16 will begin to prepare you for the final phase of the course and the 21 Master Class Sessions.

I'll also show you how to maintain what you have learned while you continue to build your knowledge and understanding of these extremely powerful play-piano-by-ear techniques.

Lessons 17 to 24 cover 4-chord and multiple-chord songs.

In these lessons, (totaling 49 exercises), the light bulb will be switching on with every new song you learn. This is where all the pieces really come together.

Once you understand the music theory behind 4-chord songs, the songs with more than four or five chords won't seem so intimidating or overwhelming. 

Developing Your Ear And Your Musical Knowledge At The Same Time!

What good is having the ability to play by ear if you don't know how or why one chord progresses to another?

This is where many other ear-training courses fall short, giving you tedious exercises to listen to, but never showing you how to use your ear in practical application.

While this "just-sit-back-and-listen" approach is appealing, it won't train you to play songs by ear.

In my course, you'll be learning the inner workings of music as you develop your ear and learn how to play the piano. You'll be learning songs from the very first lesson.

I'll show you how to determine the chords to any song, in any key. This one technique alone will eliminate the most frustrating aspect of learning how to play by ear...and that's finding the correct chord for any given melodic phrase.

  • I lost track of the number of times students have told me that learning the melody is easy compared to trying to figure out the chords.

This is why I start you out with fundamental 2-chord songs and help you gradually progress to songs with a dozen or more chords.

Once you understand the relationship between melody and harmony, it won't matter how many chords a song contains, because you'll be able to match any chord to even the most complex melody line.

Upon completion of Lesson 24, you'll be able to learn melodies and chords not just by your ear, but with your knowledge and understanding of music theory. At this point, learning songs by ear will be second nature to you!

In less than 5 minutes, you can gain total access to my entire online library of audio and video lessons...and when I say total access, I mean TOTAL ACCESS.

TOTAL ACCESS means that you have access to every video and audio lesson from day one of your membership. There’s no waiting or delay.

The easiest and most enjoyable way of learning how to play the piano is a method geared toward busy adults called chord style piano.

Left click on the speaker directly below to listen to a brief demonstration of the chord method and find out how you can revolutionize the way you read sheet music.

Preview our Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course today - and in minutes start learning Primer Lessons 1 and 2.

Then, a few days later, I'll send you the next two lessons. Just fill in the form below and you'll receive an email with a link to the first two "Play Piano By Ear" audio lessons. Lessons 3 and 4 will follow a few days later.

You'll also receive a sneak peak at Master Class 4, showing you how to take a very basic 2-chord song and transform it into a professional sounding arrangement with advanced substitution chords.

It's something you have to see and hear to believe. Just imagine what you'll be able to do with more complex songs.

When you sign up for my crash course and download the MP3 and Advanced Sheet Music from Master Class 4 - they are yours to keep for FREE, even if you decide not to enroll in my course!

  • I will also send you my complete Master Class 17, which includes nine comprehensive exercises, giving you a clear picture of where your hearing
    and playing abilities will be once you start Master Class 17 some time within
    the next 6 to 10 months!

  • Bonus: You'll receive access to my "Secret to Reading Sheet Music In A Day" Online Videos that will have you reading sheet music to your favorite songs in a matter of hours.

You'll receive all this for free just for signing up for my sample lessons!

Don't worry -- your email address is totally secure and confidential. We do not sell it to anyone. I promise to use it only to send you the Sample Lessons and Specials.

Along with my
PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Super Course, every student receives access to my online video lessons covering my highly successful chord piano techniques.

  • I've taught these techniques in colleges and high schools throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York over the past 10 years, and because of the amazing success of each class, I have been invited back semester after semester.

And if there's one thing you should know about being a contract teacher with a college or grade-level school district, it's this -- you don't get asked back year after year for over 10 years if your teaching techniques aren't successful and in high demand -- so my techniques really work.

Total Access means Total Access --

In less than
5 minutes, you can gain total access to my entire online library of PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Lessons, along with the following bonus offers!


Bonus #01

Along with my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Super Course, you’ll receive access to my online, 9-week chord video lessons covering the most essential chords being used in contemporary music.

  • I’ll also include my Step-By-Step Practice Guide designed to produce dramatic results in just 10 minutes a day.

These are simple practice techniques that I’ve developed over the years with my private students that have proven to be highly successful in chord style piano playing.

I've also used these same techniques in all of my 1-day workshops and 6-week classes at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ.

  • If you're willing to invest just 8 to 10 minutes each day, you will see noticeable results in less than 6 months. My course gives you verifiable criteria to measure your success on a daily basis.

"...I have taken some piano classes on reading music but that takes forever to perfect. So I decided to take Guy's course. After the first week, I could play songs with both hands. Guy has been a gift from Heaven, I never thought I could play with both hands.

Guy makes chording simple and easy to learn. If you are frustrated with trying to read music I recommend you take his course. You will be playing beautiful music in no time. Guy is an asset to his craft." - Robin Fancher

If you’ve ever struggled switching from one chord to another, no matter how basic the chord pattern, then my 8 video lessons on chord inversions will show you the secret to changing chords quickly and smoothly…and you’ll be able to master this skill in less than 13 weeks.

  • In addition, I cover 3- and 4-note chord inversions in the PLAY BY EAR Audio Super Course, giving you the exact fingering and hand positions that will have you playing complex chord progressions in less than 90 days!

CONSIDER THIS: If you learned two new advanced chords each week and just one new inversion, you're library of chords would grow to over 50 chords in the next 180 days. I have a proven, organized daily practice plan that has helped literally thousands of students achieve their most loftiest of goals for playing the piano, and it only takes 8 to 10 minutes each day.

"I have always wanted to learn to play the piano but didn't want to take years of weekly lessons before I could play even a simple song.

After 6 weeks of Guy Faux's course I am now playing songs using both hands. Guy makes learning to play the piano easy and fun."

- Richard Gunoskey

If you are a complete beginner to chord style piano, then my 12-lesson starter pack will get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

  • You’ll learn everything from sharps and flats to my secret to learning the names of the keys and being able to instantly recognize any key or group of keys in just a matter of days.

The beginner section gives you instant access to 24 online videos, featuring our close-up, direct overhead camera view, allowing you to see every note and chord played in slow motion and at normal speed.

  • My 12-song starter pack is perfect for students of all ages.

"As a complete piano novice, I feel I have a firm foundation to build my piano playing. Guy has broken piano playing down into an understandable formula.

Classical, blues, rock, show tunes and popular music…I would recommend this course to anyone."

- Al Boyden

As soon as you're ready, you can move on to the intermediate section of my course. In these 20 online video lessons, featuring our close-up, direct overhead camera view, you’ll continue to develop your piano skills and knowledge of chords.
Each lesson includes Free, Downloadable EZ Read Sheet Music, and remember, you can access these lessons any time you want. You have total access to my entire online library of audio and video lessons, including the free sheet music.


"This course could also be called "Cut to the Chase". If you just want to play and do so quickly, Guy will get you there faster than any method out there. He won't waste a minute of your time." - Jim Hines


Along with my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Super Course, you’ll also receive instant access to my advanced chord style piano lessons, featuring 43 online videos.

  • That’s over 70 videos in all -- and I'm not talking about the short 30-second clips that you'll see in other online courses.

Each one of my videos will cover a specific aspect of a complete song, whether I'm showing you the proper right-hand fingering for a melody, or the complete left-hand chord progression, or I'm playing through the entire song in slow motion so you can see every note and chord being played...each video will show you every little detail necessary to learn how to play the piano properly.

  • I've taught these techniques in colleges and high schools throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York over the past 10 years, and I know what it takes to learn how to play the piano quickly and easily...but that's not all.

Because you truly want to learn how to play the piano using the most advanced and updated learning techniques in the industry today, read Bonus 6 below -  I’m going to make you an offer that you can’t possibly refuse...

"By the first week, I felt confident that someday I would play the piano. This course helped me re-think how I fit into the music world. Everything I know about music is now grounded in theory...

In 6 short weeks, I have accumulated enough knowledge to understand the language of music. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience."

- Gary Falcone, Ed.D

The mysterious nature of being able to instantly play any song you hear really will amaze your family and friends, and I have no doubt that learning how to play piano by ear will be one of the biggest achievements in your musical journey.

You will develop your ear and musical knowledge to an extremely high level within the next 24 weeks, and for today only, , I’m offering you the opportunity to receive my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Master Class Sessions. These session were developed to fine tune your ear to a level that will amaze even the most advanced musician.

These 21 additional "play by ear" lessons, (totaling 71 advanced exercises), will allow you to instantly recognize any chord played; a skill that will really allow you to stand out in any group of musicians.

Here's what you'll learn in my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course:

  • You start with essential 2-chord songs by mastering the ability to hear and feel where every chord change occurs. This section includes 9 lessons and over 46 comprehensive ear-training exercises.

  • You'll also begin to learn how to hear basic, single-note melody lines. This is a technique that anyone can learn with the proper instruction. And if you've ever tried the tedious and never-ending relative pitch ear-training exercises with little or no results, don't worry, my course will teach you how to hear intervals without all the drudgery involved in typical relative pitch ear training.

  • Next you'll advance to 3-chord songs where you'll begin to expand your ear's ability to hear beyond the basic 2-chord arrangement. (Includes: 7 lessons - 22 exercises).

  • Lessons 17 to 24: At this point in the course your ear and musical knowledge will be ready for more advanced melodies, music theory and more complex chord progressions. (Includes: 8 lessons - 49 exercises).

  • Throughout my course, you’ll learn everything from transposing songs in any key to creating professional sounding piano arrangements using substitution chords and advanced chord progressions that will give any song a deeper, richer sound.

  • In Master Class 4 I take a very basic 2-chord song and transform it into a professional sounding arrangement by adding a multitude of advanced substitution chords.

It's something you have to see and hear to believe. Just imagine what you'll be able to do with more complex songs. (See above for complete details on how to sign up for my Sample "Play By Ear" Lessons and to download the MP3 and Sheet Music from Master Class 4.)

When you sign up for my free sample lessons, (see signup form above), I'll also send you my complete Master Class 17 so you can see exactly how much your musical ear will grow in the next 6 to 10 months. My Master Classes will take your ear to heights that most musicians only dream about.

You can order my Master Class Sessions for today only, .

If you place your order by midnight tonight, this will be included in your order, giving you TOTAL ACCESS to my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Master Class Sessions. This offer is good for today only!

"Guy has opened up a whole new world to me. As an attorney and college professor I've had many years of schooling and I can truly say that Guy is the best instructor I've ever had at anything"

- Bob Kenny, Pennington, NJ

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I've been teaching privately for over 23 years and have offered my LIVE 1-day workshops and 6-week chord-style piano classes for over 10 years now. I have successfully taught students of all age and skill levels, and I've done it one-on-one, in a classroom setting, and online. 

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I have spent years developing and refining my teaching skills, and I am confident that no matter where you're at now, my online audio and video lessons will help you reach your piano playing goals, and with my 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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