Play By Ear - Exercise's 1 & 2

                             Yesterday by The Beatles

Download the two sheet music files listed below. The first file displays all of the chords and the lyrics broken down measure by measure. The goal of this exercise is to fill in the melody notes. The starting melody note is the first G above middle CYou can use the sheet music file from Exercise #2 below as your answer key. 

Exercise #1: Yesterday - NO MELODY NOTES

The second sheet music file displays all of the melody notes and lyrics. The goal of this exercise is to fill in all of the chords. You can accomplish this second exercise if you know most of your 3-note major and 3-note minor chords.

To make this exercise a little easier, write down all of the chords from the file above. You can even take note of how many times each chord appears in the song.

However, try not to memorize the order of the chords. This would defeat the purpose of the exercise. The goal of this second exercise is to determine the placement of each chord using your ear and your analytical skills of the melody line.

I introduce this exercise about two-thirds of the way through my Piano Super Course. If you feel overwhelmed by one or both of these exercises, then it just means you need a little more work in the techniques that I taught you in the earlier issues of my free practice guide. You can always come back to this exercise when you're ready. You can use the sheet music file from Exercise #1 listed above as your answer key.

Exercise #2: Yesterday - NO CHORDS

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