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piano teachers, redding, ca

Piano Teacher

Adam took piano lessons for many years when he was a child from the founder of Simply Music, Neil Moore. The Simply Music method has proven successful for Adam and he now uses his testimony as a basis for his lessons.

Adam has used his God-given talents for the piano in many settings. He is now the Youth Music Director at Hope Center Church in Redding, CA. He has also played at many churches nationwide, like Donnie McClurkin's Church (New York, NY), The Rock Church (Sacramento, CA), and was also the Music Minister for two years at Landmark Church (Coos Bay, OR). He has played for large corporate business functions as well as small youth group parties.

Adam has a passion for the piano and for music in general. He loves teaching children, teens, and adults alike. He has taught students from age 6 all the way to age 67 and everywhere in between. He teaches students with special needs, as well as students with extraordinary gifts.

Adam offers a free Introductory Session to all students and parents who want to know more about Simply Music, the method, success stories, lesson time availability, the rates, and much more.

The Method

Created by Neil Moore, and released in 1998, Simply Music profoundly differs from the common and traditional ‘reading-based’ piano lessons that are based on principles that have not fundamentally changed for generations. In stark contrast, Simply Music is a 'playing-based' method that introduces concepts and perspectives that transform the process, and culturally redefine who is capable of successfully learning to play music.

Simply Music first translates entire pieces into simple shapes and patterns that students can clearly see and easily play on the keyboard. Simply Music does not diminish the importance of learning to read music. Instead, the process is merely delayed. Simply Music students build a vast repertoire of great-sounding music, and with this as their foundation, develop an appropriate technique, learn how to read more easily, and as a by-product, naturally begin developing their ability to “play by ear.”

The program is arranged into 18 Levels that are to be completed over a 6 to 10 year period (depending on the individual student). Numerous ‘special programs’ are also woven into the curriculum and these focus on such things as reading, improvisation, composition, arrangement and jazz etc. Each level component of Adam' piano lessons introduce new tools and learning strategies.

The entire process is guided by a Simply Music Licensed teacher, with the intention to equip students with the ability to progress independently. This includes building a vast repertoire, learning to read, write, compose and arrange music, as well as accompany others, improvise and understand foundational theory.

Simply Music’s overriding goal is that students acquire and retain music as a lifelong companion.

Contact Info. - 1119 Brandon Court, Redding, CA - (530) 227-4510