Piano Lessons, Irvine, CA

piano lessons, irvine, ca

piano lessons, irvine, ca

Cameron Tong

Providing private piano lessons in Irvine, CA.

Experience the thrill and self-expression that only piano playing can give!

"Their jaws almost hit the floor when my daughter sat down and began to play..."- Joyce Chan, mother of Natalie, 9

"Although I have had excellent teachers in the past, studying with Cameron has been a revelation in more ways than one...as a result of his teaching, my playing has appreciably improved in just a few months."- Claire Kim, Associate Professor, UC Irvine


We'll setup a no obligation introductory lesson to help you assess your aptitude and goals, and to see how you, the piano, and I get along.

I will tailor a lesson package to fit YOUR goals, budget and schedule!

Teaching Philosophy:

Young enough to be hip and fun, but thoroughly experienced as both teacher and performer, Cameron is a 26 yr old pianist who's passionate about teaching.

In the studio, he strives to create a healthy and fun learning environment for students of all ages and levels, where the goal is, nonetheless, attainment of the student's maximum progress and potential.

His approach is a holistic one - understanding how the arms, hands, and fingers work together, and how to read, hear, and understand the written music. Lessons focus on helping the student develop and integrate these skills, on inspiring the student so that he becomes an informed and independent musician with his own voice - someone who, ultimately, can pick up a score and make great music out of it.

Formal Biography:

"Fiery," "poetic," "a huge talent" - and so the reactions of some of the most notable pedagogues and musicians of our day to the playing of 26 year old pianist Cameron Guanqiao Tong. Although he began his piano lessons at the relatively late age of twelve, Cameron made his orchestral debut only five years later, in Rachmaninoff's Second Concerto with the Salisbury University Orchestra, additionally performing his first solo recital that same year. A resident of Virginia, he has given numerous performances in the local Eastern Shore area, most recently playing a solo recital on the annual concert series held by the Arts Council of the Eastern Shore.

Although awarded a full scholarship to attend the Oberlin Conservatory, Cameron completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 2004 with high honors as part of the university's Echols Scholar program.

In 2006, Cameron graduated from UC Irvine's M.F.A. program in piano performance, and has since been in demand as a recitalist and collaborator. Dedicated to providing private piano lessons to students of all age and skill levels, he maintains a highly diverse studio in Southern California; his students frequently receive high marks in competitions and auditions.

Studio Location: Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: (757) 710-2617