Piano Lessons, Chico, CA

piano teachers, chico, ca

piano lessons, chico, ca

Leeya Shaw

Providing private piano lessons in Chico, CA.

Leeya Katrina Shaw is a Chico-based music composer and piano instructor. She has studied at the Pyramind school of Music Production in San Francisco.

Her work draws from many aspects of progressive electronic music with an emphasis on granular and subtractive synthesis , but retains distinctive influence from her early training in classical and ragtime piano.

Piano Lessons

Learn to read sheet music, understand music theory, write your own songs, and play your favorite songs!

You: I teach students of any age, and at any skill level. We will need to be able to meet on a regular schedule, and I expect my students to practice. At least 20 minutes five days a week is recommended.

Me: I have been playing piano since I was six years old. It wasn't always easy or fun for me, but after years of practice, playing piano became my favorite thing to do, and still is to this day. I've had many music teachers throughout my training, and they each had their own teaching style. I've taken what I've learned from each of them to provide my students with the best learning experience they could have.

Equipment: My students will need either a piano or keyboard to practice on at their home. I will provide the music and materials. Purchasing your own books can be discussed, but not necessary. I only require a binder that will sort music and papers that I'll give you.

Location: I can go to your house, or you can come to mine. Please contact me for directions.


1 Hour Piano Lessons: $20

1/2 Hour Lessons: $15

*There is a ten dollar fee for a lesson cancellation if I haven't received 24 hour notification.

Studio Location: 1097 Columbus Ave., Chico, CA 95926

Phone: (415) 368-5132