6 Advantages Of My Unique Learning System


I designed this guide specifically for extremely busy adults who want to learn the chord method in the shortest amount of time possible. It's an irreplaceable ingredient to any piano student's success!

With my step-by-step practice guide, you'll never be guessing about where to start or what's next in your learning process. The techniques in my practice guide will guide you every step of the way, showing you the quickest way to learn new songs and chords, while developing your playing skills and technique at the same time.

The Easy Read Piano Songbooks will reduce the time it takes to learn how to read music notation from the usual 4 to 6 years, to about 2 to 4 weeks.

With the combination of the easy read piano music and the ABC Key Stickers, you'll be playing complete melody lines from your very first lesson. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll be playing songs.

Order just 3 Easy Read Songbooks and you'll receive total access to all of my online video lessons for 1 full year. CLICK HERE to search our online catalog of Easy Read Piano Songbooks.


These 9 video lessons will teach you enough chords to play any song ever written. Just play these simple exercises for 2 to 3 minutes each day.

We developed these lesson videos for the student who has tried to learn piano in the past but found it extremely challenging to play songs with both hands together.

Mastering these simple left-hand chord exercises will make playing chords second nature, allowing you to place a greater amount of focus on playing the right-hand melody.

By adding 1 new chord exercise every week to your daily practice routine, you will be playing full-sounding chords with ease in just 9 weeks.

"I highly recommend Guy's tutorial and online lessons. The progress I was able to make in a few weeks was really amazing. The approach really is incredibly easy and Guy's ability to simplify music theory equips you with the basics that make quickly learning piano both possible and fun! Once I started to see the patterns, it all started to make sense and fall into place..."
Sandy Welsh


These 8 Bonus Videos will show you how to go beyond the basic chords, and they pick up right where the 9-week chord videos leave off. You'll discover how to voice any chord to get a fuller, more professional sound.

This one technique alone will add a rich, vibrant sound to your playing, giving you a more complete visual understanding of chords. Chord Voicing will allow you to master basic and intermediate chords in your first few months of lessons.


Once you understand chord voicing, you are one step away from playing advanced, 4-note chords. This is where your playing moves up to a whole new level.

Basic chords contain 3 notes. The truth is, all you do to create an advanced fuller sounding chord is add an extra note to the 3-note chords. Our free online video lessons will show you the easiest way to learn these awesome sounding 4-note chords.


Learning piano from the comfort of your own home is easy and fun with easy-chord-piano-lessons.com. Our online video lessons are unlike any other piano lessons on the Internet.

Each group of lesson videos is designed to give you the most amount of content in the shortest amount of time. This will allow you to learn the chords and melody to each song, very quickly. Start enjoying years of playing without having to take years of costly piano lessons!

Order just 3 Easy Read Songbooks and you'll receive total access to all of my online video lessons for 1 full year. CLICK HERE to search our online catalog of Easy Read Piano Songbooks. Get started today!


“I cannot express enough how fortunate I am
for Guy's great way of teaching…I have so much satisfaction with this new knowledge...the easy
play song books are a fun and easy way to learn.”
- Dolly From Pennsylvania