"A simple learning system that anyone can use to learn how to play the piano in the shortest amount of time possible."  - Guy Faux, Developer of The Piano Super Course

      What Is The Piano Super Course?

The Piano Super Course IS NOT just another "website"
offering online piano lessons....

  The Piano Super Course IS A SHORTCUT

If you are a piano student who struggles with bad rhythm and poor note reading skills, it doesn't mean that you weren't cut out to play the piano - it just means that the method you are currently using isn't the right learning method for you.

  • Inside my Piano Super Course you will find the techniques that I have used with thousands of students, in private lessons, group classes and through my online super course.

You now have access to every process, technique and playing shortcut that professional piano players have been using to learn songs quickly and easily.

Richard took one of my group classes at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ.

  • A lot of students enroll in my 6-week piano class out of curiosity and end up discovering the secrets to playing their favorite songs on the piano - and they learn that these skills can be acquired very quickly.

I am now offering all of the playing shortcuts and secrets that I taught in my 6-week class in my NEW Piano Super Course!

  9-Year-Old Learns Piano In Just 17 Months! 

My course was designed and developed for teens and adults because of their busy schedules, but if a 9-year-old can learn these techniques in just 17 months, then anyone can!

Hello, my name is Guy Faux and I developed the Piano Super Course for students who have struggled with traditional piano lessons

Christopher T., the 9-year-old piano student shown in the video above is one of my private students. He spent 2 years trying to learn piano the conventional way, but with no success.

He just wasn't getting it, so I decided to start teaching him the techniques and shortcuts from my Piano Super Course.

Christopher excelled almost from day one. I started teaching him everything from Billy Joel to Coldplay.

  • His skills grew by leaps and bounds.

He went from struggling to read a simple 5-finger melody, to playing complex 4-note chords and advance, syncopated melody lines, in a matter of months!

My entire Piano Super Course normally retails for $37, which includes over 60 online chord-style video piano lessons that will teach you every technique and shortcut to get you playing the piano FASTER than you ever thought possible!

Also included is my Play By Ear Audio Super Course, consisting of 189 ear-opening exercises that will give you the freedom to play songs without sheet music. 

During this SPECIAL Internet Offer, I'll be giving away my Online Video Chord-Style Piano Lessons absolutely FREE with the one-time purchase of my Play By Ear Audio Super Course for the limited time price of just $19.97 - (seriously, this is a limited time offer.)

That's a savings to you of $17.03, but this offer won't last long.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given Inside My FREE Online Video Piano Lessons.

How one simple technique that I learned from a guitar player opened up a whole new world of music! Most piano teachers don't even know this little shortcut.

The 5 Best Kept Secrets to learning advanced chords in a matter of weeks. Includes my 9-Week Chord Program and Fast-Start Action Plan.

My chord shortcuts covering alternate and advanced chord structures, chord voicings and inversion shortcuts. 

Access to 40 additional Intermediate and Advanced online chord-style video piano lessons to help you truly master the finer points of chord-style piano!

The one secret weapon that I have used with consistent success to help my private students fluently read sheet music in a matter of 12 to 16 weeks! This techniques works 100% of the time! 

Learn the secrets to mastering everything from blocked chords, 7th chords, slash chords, suspended chords, 9th chords and every chord in between in just 18 months!

Get Instant Access to the ONLY Piano Super Course that was designed to bypass the endless number of time-consuming techniques taught in formal piano lessons.

Save countless hours and thousands of dollars while learning how to play your favorite songs on the piano in a fraction of the time!

If you are a piano student who has struggled with rhythm and note reading, or you're a complete beginner, then the shortcuts that I teach in my both of my super courses are just what you need!

"All I wanted is to be able to play my favorites like Billy Joel and Norah Jones and now I can. Instead of being frustrated trying to learn scales and traditional techniques I now love to sit and just play. Thank you Guy!"  Meghan Montague


Your Investment Today Is Backed By An 
Iron Clad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

        Here's What To Do Next

As I mentioned, I will teach you the secrets of playing chord-style piano by giving you access to over 60 online video piano lessons at no charge.

These online lessons normally retail for $37 - but I'm giving them away with the purchase of my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course for the insanely low price of just $19.97 --

And just in case you're wondering...

           There Is No Catch!

I know that there are many websites out there offering free online piano lessons, and after you sign up for the lessons you find out that your credit card is being charged every month for additional lessons.

My website is not one of them.

There are NO HIDDEN "monthly charges", and if you're wondering why I'm giving away so much for so little, here are a few reasons...

  1. I am quite passionate about teaching piano, especially chord-style piano. I would teach it for free if I could, that's how much I love teaching this instrument.

  2. I took the long way around the barn, sort of speak, to finally play the piano the way I've always wanted. It's my goal to help people avoid all of the pitfalls that I had to endure.

  3. There are so many websites that claim that you can learn how to play the piano in 10 days, or 30 days, and then they show video of some awesome performer playing flawlessly. I've seen so many of these videos and they are totally unrealistic

The video of the 9-year-old piano student shown above is a realistic demonstration of a student who has worked hard to learn a method of playing the piano that speeds up the learning process by eliminating many of the time-consuming formal techniques taught in traditional piano lessons. 

Now Christopher's performance is definitely not flawless, but it is real - and it's what you can expect for yourself in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Chord-Style Piano is extremely easy to learn! If a 9-year-old can master these techniques in 17 months, then anyone can! 

For a limited time, I'm offering the next 150 students full access to all my online video and audio lessons for the one-time price of just $19.97 -

  • That's right! Get Full & Instant Access to my Chord-Style Piano Video Super Course and my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course, and get it all for just $19.97!

For a limited time only, I'm offering all 240 of my blocked and broken chord studies absolutely free!

10 E-books jam-packed with exercises that will help you master chords in a matter of months.

  • I used to practice these exercises as a kid never knowing that I could use them to create professional sounding piano arrangements.

Now if you're just starting out at piano, these exercises will give you a jump start to mastering chords.

If you add just one of these chord exercises to your practice routine every week, you will know all of the most commonly used chords in all 3 positions in just 6 to 10 months!

  • You won't just learn chords with these exercises, you will master them!

Order today and get everything you need to become a true master at chord-style piano! This is a limited time offer!

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