QUICK LESSON POINT: The sheet music link below to Love Me Tender/Aura Lee is different from the sheet music provided in Lesson 4. This version contains 7th chords and substitution chords, and will give you a slight taste of what more chords can do to really jazz up a song.

DOWNLOAD SHEET MUSIC: Love Me Tender - Aura Lee

By the way, the Dm7 to an inverted G7 chord progression that you learned in Lesson 6 can be used in measure's 3 and 15 of Love Me Tender/Aura Lee. You can add or subtract the 7th from any major or minor chord, 90% of the time, and the song will sound fine. Personally, I like adding the 7th, but if you're not quite ready for 7th chords, you can convert any 7th chord to a 3-note major or minor chord.

Once you finish Lesson 10, you can click the link below to view our intermediate and advanced lessons.

  • We've removed Lessons 11 and 12 in lieu of the intermediate lessons located on the next web page. Enjoy!

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