General Lesson Policy

Why Every School Should Have Lesson Policies

At the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar, we have policies and procedures in place for several reasons. First, it's nearly impossible to run any school without them, and secondly, it lets parents know how things will be handled in any given situation.

For example, what if a teacher calls out sick, or your child gets sick 15 minutes before a lesson? It helps to know what to expect in advance.

What if your teacher shows up at your home, but you completely forgot about the lesson? Are you responsible for that lesson, or will it be made up? How about vacations and holidays that land on your specific lesson day? How will they be handled? What if my child has a sports event on the same day as his or her lesson? What about school field trips? Spring break? Summer lessons? And the list goes on.

Whether you're dealing with a reputable music school or independent teacher, you can be confident that you're dealing with someone who is professional and experienced by the policies they have in place.

The lack of any set policy is a good sign of a teacher with little to no experience.

Most students need a structured learning environment. Schools with clearly defined, well thought-out guidelines and procedures are more likely to have similar procedures that direct and dictate the way they teach.

In addition, a music school's lesson policies should always be easily accessible on their web site. If lesson policies are not prominently displayed, then either the school has no policies, or they don't want you to see them before enrolling.

Finding the right piano or guitar teacher for you or another family member can be stress free if you take your time, do your homework and ask lots of questions.

Guy has been involved in music lessons from the age of 5 and studied classical piano until the age of 17. He attended Glassboro State College as a music major and has taught piano for over 15 years.

After college he performed in clubs for several years, immersing himself in pop, jazz, blues and rock piano styles, giving him a wide repertoire to teach from.

He has taught piano clinics and workshops in high schools and community colleges throughout New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and currently teaches a 6-week piano class geared toward busy adults at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ.

Along with his duties as school director at the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar, he also maintains a personal roster of over 32 private students.