Learning Minor Chords

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Learning minor chords is easy once you know the 12 major chords. In fact, you're only one step away from knowing the 12 minor chords. Musically speaking, you're actually only a half step away.

For example, a C major chord in root position is C - E - G. To make it minor all you have to do is lower the middle note a half step. A half step below an E is Eb. As a result, the C minor chord in root position is C - Eb - G.

Lowering the middle note of any major chord will convert it to minor. The 12 minor chords are listed below.

Group 1

C minor, (Cm) = C - Eb - G
F minor, (Fm) = F - Ab - C
G minor, (Gm) = G - Bb - D

Group 2

A minor, (Am) = A - C - E
D minor, (Dm) = D - F - A
E minor, (Em) = E - G - B

Group 3

F# minor, (F#m) = F# - A - C#
B minor,   (Bm) = B - D - F#
C# minor, (C#m) = C# - E - G#

Group 4

Eb minor, (Ebm) = Eb - Gb - Bb
Ab minor, (Abm) = Ab - Cb - Eb
Bb minor, (Bbm) = Bb - Db - F

As with major chords, special attention should also be given to the enharmonic spellings of specific minor chords like Db minor and C# minor, or F# minor & Gb minor. Click the link below to continue.

Learning Minor Chords & Enharmonic Spellings