Learning Major Chords

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Learning major chords with an organized, systematic approach will make the process so much easier. Anyone can master the major chords on the piano in a matter of weeks.

If you haven't done so already, click here to watch the video to learn the C, F and G major chords in root position. It will show you exactly how to learn any chord or group of chords in a very short amount of time.

After watching the video, apply what you've learned to the remaining nine major chords. Devote one full week to learning each group.

Group 1

A major, (A) = A - C# - E
D major, (D) = D - F# - A
E major, (E) = E - G# - B

The letter in each parentheses represents the chord symbol. The chord symbol is usually displayed above the treble clef in most forms of piano sheet music.

Group 2

F# major, (F#) = F# - A# - C#
B major,   (B) = B - D# - F#
C# major, (C#) = C# - E# - G#

Group 3

Eb major, (Eb) = Eb - G - Bb
Ab major, (Ab) = Ab - C - Eb
Bb major, (Bb) = Bb - D - F

Special attention should be given to the enharmonic spellings of specific chords like Db and C# major, or F# & Gb major. Click the link below to continue.

Learning Major Chords & Enharmonic Spellings


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