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For Self-Motivated, Adult Piano Students Only:

"Read On To Learn 27 Surefire Tips For Learning Piano The Right Way & The Super Quick Way." - Guy Faux, Piano Instructor

Hi, my name is Guy Faux and I would like to share a method of playing the piano that saved me from quitting piano 37 years ago.

It also saved my teaching career by giving me a way to teach students how to play the piano without all of the formal, time-consuming elements found in most antiquated piano methods.

I've written an Official Guide containing 27 Tips, Tricks & Techniques to help students learn how to play the piano the right way, using the most advanced techniques available today!

I've been teaching piano for 25 years now and time and time again I see adult piano students make the same mistake that ends their dream of playing before they're piano education even has a chance to get off the ground.

27 Surefire Tips

I don't want to be pessimistic, but even if you stick with it for a few years, most adult piano students end up quitting their piano lessons, but not before they've invested a few thousand dollars in lesson fees and hours of practice time...not to mention the cost of your piano or keyboard.

The information in my guide is so powerful, you'd be crazy to invest so much time and money into piano lessons before reading The Official Piano Guide.

Tips 1 and 2: The two things that every piano student should do in the first 30 days of starting their lessons!

(Follow Tips 1 & 2 and practically cruise through piano lessons.)

  • Tip #6: The one method of learning how to play the piano that offers the quickest and easiest road to success.

  • Tip #8: What do to if you continually struggle with note reading.

  • Tip #15: Why most piano teachers don't teach Tip #6.

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I’ll be honest, piano lessons are expensive. However, if you find the right instructor who will teach Tip #6, then it’s definitely worth it.

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. As of 2017, the going rate for a professional piano instructor who is qualified and really knows his or her stuff, will be anywhere from $32 to $40 per 30-minute lesson, or $128 to $160 per month.

However, there are several ways to cut the cost of lessons by 50% and still get professional level instruction.

  • Tip #14: Is your goal to be a piano soloist, use this tip to learn the basics at a staggering 90% discount.

  • Tip #27: The #1 MISTAKE piano students make that leads down "quitters road" every single time.

Short On Time

When you've been teaching piano as long as I have, you see mistakes that students make over and over again.

I've seen students invest in a brand new piano or keyboard, buy a bunch of instruction books, and then miss lesson after lesson before eventually quitting - and all because they failed to adequately manage their practice time.

  • Tip #23: How to laser-target your practicing and get the most out of just 12 minutes a day!

  • Tip #20: The ONE SUBTLE BUT POWERFUL ACTIVITY you can do that will guarantee your success - (this tip will help you in every area of your life).

It also comes down to what you're practicing. Are you learning songs you really want to learn, or are you learning material that is more interesting to your teacher?

  • Tip # 18: How to practice songs you really want to play...(even if you're a complete beginner). You may have to fire your current piano teacher.

  • Tip #16: The most important element in developing great rhythm - (this is easier than you might think).

What do you do if you continually struggle with reading standard sheet music?

Just follow my advice in Tip #8 and don't worry about it. As far as I'm concerned, piano teachers put too much of an emphasis on reading music notes.

  • I have performed with some truly awesome musicians who couldn't read an ounce of music. In Tip #8 I'll give you three options guaranteed to get you up and playing sheet music fluently in a matter of months.

Tip #8 will also get you playing songs you really want to play from day one, which is without a doubt the most important element that will lead you to success.

Most people quit piano because they're not getting any closer to their dream of playing their favorite songs.

  • Tips 8 and 18 will save you a lot of time and money if you follow my advice exactly - and tips 8 and 18 will get you playing the songs that you want to play from day one!

  • Tip #24: The one tool that you'll need to jump-start every aspect of your playing.

  • Tip #13: Is your goal to play in a band, then use this tip to learn how to get the right instruction for a fraction of what you'd normally pay for lessons.

  • Tip #17: How to avoid the one thing that will stop your progress dead in its tracks - (and how to avoid it every single time without so much as a flinch).

  • Tip #21: The second most important element in developing great rhythm. 

  • Tip #26: Above all else, perfect these two techniques. - (do this and Piano Success is yours for the taking).

Tip 21 can be performed just about anywhere and may not even seem like practicing, but if you do this for a few minutes every day you will develop an intuition or sixth sense that will help you learn songs almost as if you're on auto-pilot.

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If your previous methods of piano instruction didn't work for you, for whatever reason...

If you've tried traditional piano lessons as a kid and failed...

If you never quite caught on when it came to reading the notes on the music staff...

If remembering the different note values and rhythmical timing wasn't your strength...

If just the thought of getting another piano teacher gives you nightmares...

If the cost of weekly piano lessons isn't fitting into your budget...

If weekly piano lessons isn't fitting into your busy schedule...

I'm guessing, if you've read this far, there's still a part of you that wants to play the piano - but you don't want to go down the "traditional piano lesson" route.

  • Maybe you've even given YouTube piano tutorials a try, but found that most of the instructors were just a bunch of inexperienced teenagers trying to sell some affiliate program.

  • Well - maybe it's quite possible that you've finally found the right online course and the perfect piano teacher for you.

I've explained, in great detail, the 27 Tips that will almost, if it's even possible, GUARANTEE you success in whatever direction you take in your future piano education.

The guide is absolute free - so sign up today!

Click the link below, sign up for my free OFFICIAL PIANO GUIDE, print it out and start benefiting from my 50 years of experience playing the piano!

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There's absolutely no risk and quite a lot to gain!

To your success!

Guy Faux
Your Online Piano Instructor