Instant Piano For Busy Adults

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"I have played piano by
ear since I was 9 years old, however, I was only
able to play with my right hand. I never knew how
to chord.

I have taken some piano classes on reading music
but that takes forever to perfect. So I decided to
take Guy's course. After the first week, I could play
songs with both hands. Guy has been a gift from
Heaven, I never thought I could play with both hands.

Guy makes chording simple and easy to learn. If you
are frustrated with trying to read music I recommend
you take his course. You will be playing beautiful
music in no time. Guy is an asset to his craft."

Robin Fancher

"I have always wanted
to learn to play the
piano but didn't want
to take years of weekly
lessons before I could
play even a simple song.

After 6 weeks of Guy
Faux's course I am now
playing songs using both
hands. Guy makes learning
to play the piano
easy and fun."

Richard Gunoskey

"Guy has opened up
a whole new world
to me. As an attorney
and college professor
I've had many years of
schooling and I can truly
say that Guy is the best
instructor I've ever had
at anything"

Bob Kenny
Pennington, NJ

"By the first week, I felt confident that someday I would play the piano.

This course helped me re-think how I fit into the music world. Everything I know about music is now grounded in theory...

In 6 short weeks, I have accumulated enough knowledge to understand
the language of music.

With the E-Z Read songbooks, I can now play my favorite songs.

- Thank you for a very enjoyable experience."

Gary Falcone, Ed.D.

"This course could also be
called "Cut to the Chase".
If you just want to play
and do so quickly, Guy
will get you there faster
than any method out
there. He won't waste a
minute of your time."

Jim Hines

"As a complete piano
novice, I feel I have
a firm foundation to
build my piano playing.

Guy has broken piano
playing down into an
understandable formula.

Classical, blues, rock,
show tunes and popular
music…I would recommend
this course to anyone."

Al Boyden