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Hi, my name is Guy and I've been teaching piano for over 15 years. After 13 years of classical piano lessons as a kid, I joined a band and discovered a whole new world. The piano in the picture is a Mason and Hamlin Baby Grand built in 1900 and has been in my family for some time. My dad had it reconditioned as an anniversary gift for my mom about 40 some odd years ago.

LONG, LONG AGO...in a club far, far away...I was a keyboardist in a band - (one of many). Here I am looking very cool with my sunglasses at night...or so I'd like to think. Looking back, if it weren't for all the bands I played in, I would have never learned the chord method, which is what contributed in large part to my unique way of teaching piano, both privately and through my online lessons. The club in the picture just happens to be where I met my wife.

My wife Suzanne is my other half. She designed this web site and dreams in color. Don't call her Susan if you value your life. She can do all kinds of accents and voices, but doesn't know what to do with them. Especially the ones in her head. I suppose it's a gift...and a curse. Here we are at the Jersey Shore. I'm not crazy about flying, especially now with all the new delays, so a short drive puts us conveniently at the Jersey Shore where I vacationed every summer as a kid.

Here is our dog as a puppy. Just like any other piano student, she really didn't think she could play the piano...she thought her paws were too small or the lessons would be sooooo boring! She can now play Mary Had A Little Lamb in 3/4 time...even though it's in 4/4 time! She inspires both of us and lets us know when it's time to have her snack, or dinner - exactly on time. If I could just get her musical timing that perfect.

What can you do after learning piano? That depends on you. Most people are extremely happy just playing their favorite songs especially on holidays and special occasions. Others would like to be in a band or teach. Here is one of the things if you so aspire...make your own CD like I did. It was quite an experience.

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