Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate getting your questions. Here are some of the most popular questions and answers to help guide your piano music experience!

All About The Piano

Q - I thought all pianos and keyboards had the same amount of keys, what's the standard?

A - The standard piano has 88 keys (36 black keys and 52 white keys) that gives you a full range. Keyboards come in 61, 76, or 88 keys, depending on your needs. For beginner students, 61 keys is more than sufficient.

The Gift of Music

Q - Can I purchase the lessons as a gift to someone?

A – Since our online lessons are free with the songbook purchase, we suggest that the person you would like to give the gift of music to should explore our site and try out the chord method first. Please have them visit the Free Tutorial page for a complete overview.

Once they realize that playing the piano with the chord method is what they would like to do, they can pick the books they like and receive 2 years of FREE lessons!

Afterward, the songbooks must be mailed to you, the cardholder. Please write in the Special Instructions area when ordering that the person for whom you are buying should be named as the member, and not yourself.

Video Lessons

Q - I was just curious...can these video lessons be downloaded to my computer, or do people just view them on your site?

What if I want to watch the same one 2 or 3 times?

A - Although the video lessons are not downloadable, each lesson provides downloadable easy read sheet music. When members receive access to our online piano course, each lesson can be viewed as many times as necessary.

Each lesson provides the 3 slow-motion videos that are mentioned on our home page, and sampled on our free lessons page, making it possible for anyone to learn piano. Also included with each lesson is a fourth video which features the song being played at normal speed.

Currently we have over 60 online videos with new videos added every month!

My Story!

Q - When will I see my story on your site?

A - If you set the Notification Option to tell you when your contribution has been accepted, you will receive an email the same day it's posted. If you missed the option, keep checking the week there after.

If you have a question you didn't see here, please visit our
Contact Us page and ask away!

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