Enharmonic Major Chords

Here's the spellings of a few enharmonic major chords I already have listed. If you've never heard of the term enharmonic, don't worry, it's very easy to understand.

Since C# and Db is the same key on the piano, these two notes are referred to as enharmonic. In other words, they're the same key on the piano but with different spellings. This term can be applied to chords as well.

By the way, each black key on the piano can be a flat or a sharp, which is why I need to cover this topic, as it will come up often.

Enharmonic Chords

The C# major chord is C#, E# and G#. These are the same keys that make up a Db major chord, but with a different spelling. As I mentioned above, The C# and the Db is the same key on the piano. Likewise, the E# and F are the same, and so are the G# and Ab.

Here are the two chords together:

C# = C# - E# - G#
Db = Db - F - Ab

More Enharmonic Major Chords

D# = D# - Fx - A#    (The x after the F is the music symbol for a double sharp, which is the same as a G.)
Eb = Eb - G - Bb

F# = F# - A# - C#
Gb = Gb - Bb - Db

G# = G# - B# - D#
Ab = Ab - C - Eb

A# = A# - Cx - E#     (Once again, we have a note in this chord with the double sharp symbol. However, the A# major chord symbol is rarely used. In contrast, you'll see the Bb major chord symbol quite a bit.)
Bb = Bb - D - F

I purposely left out the enharmonic spellings for Cb & B#, and Fb & E#, as these chords have more commonly used chord names.

1.) Cb is more commonly referred to as B major
2.) B# is C major
3.) Fb is E major
4.) E# is F major


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