How Piano Players Can Develop Good Rhythm

develop good rhythm

In order to develop good rhythm, you have to realize that there's more to good musical timing than being able to count the beats of each individual note.

Being able to feel the first beat of each measure is more important than knowing the difference between a whole note and half note. While developing good rhythm is a skill that grows over time, it doesn't have to take years and years. In fact, rhythm can be mastered in less than a year if you follow my 3 simple steps listed below.

Of course, if you're studying classical music, then there's no way around counting beats, but you can still benefit from the following information.

However, if your focus of study is more pop music oriented, then follow the 3 steps below and forget all about counting beats. Pop and jazz music is more about feeling the music...not counting it.

3 Simple Steps To Good Timing


Play songs that you've heard before. Having an audio or video recording of the song you're learning is essential if you want to develop good rhythm. This way you can listen to the song as many times as necessary to help you get an overall feel for how it goes.

LISTENING IS THE KEY. The more you listen...the better your sense of rhythm will get, and as I said earlier, it can happen in less than a year.


Don't worry about the beats of each note. Just play the melody the way you know it should go. If you follow STEP 1 on a consistent basis, then this step becomes much easier.

So whatever song you're currently working on, step 2 requires you to learn the melody perfectly. Don't worry if the rhythm isn't perfect...just be able to play the notes of the melody on the piano, without any mistakes.

In step 3 you'll begin to perfect the rhythm. It will take a few songs to get use to the process, but the process works if you follow it on a daily basis. Just 5 minutes a day will produce amazing results in just a few months.


Once you can play the melody without any hesitations or mistakes, then it's time to play along with the recording. Playing along with a recording that you know is in perfect timing will help you develop a good sense of rhythm quicker than counting beats ever could.

It's like playing along with a metronome, but even better. With our online video piano lessons, you're able to play along with the exact melody being played on a piano.

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Imagine being able to sit down at the piano and play anything that you hear without the help of sheet music.

Now you can be learning my time-tested, proven method...and you can do it in less than 6 months without having to take traditional piano lessons!

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