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The Secret To Learning How To Play The Piano

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge that every piano student will face at the beginning of their music education is learning how to read standard sheet music.

In the diagram below, you'll see standard music notes displayed on an upper and lower music staff. The top staff displays notes for the right hand, and the bottom staff displays notes for the left hand.

I say this is the biggest challenge for every piano student because more students discontinue lessons over this one issue. In fact, when parents have a hard time getting their kids to practice the piano, nine times out of ten it's for this reason.

I have performed with a lot of great musicians who can't read standard music notes, and it hasn't stopped them from playing their instrument at a very high level.

Now I tell you this because I use a different kind of sheet music with my students....sheet music that is designed to get students playing their favorite songs within a matter of weeks - not years!

  • The alternative is to learn standard music notation -- which takes the average student a minimum of 3 to 4 years to fully learn the 30 or so notes necessary to play a wide range of popular songs.

Of course, most students who struggle with reading standard sheet music discontinue lessons within their first 2 years, but not before they've invested a few thousand dollars into private lessons.

Why Won't They Practice?

So if students really want to learn how to play the piano, then why is it so difficult to get them to practice?

  • Once again, it comes right back to the difficulty that's involved in learning how to read standard sheet music. And trust me when I tell you, "I'm not the only piano teacher with this problem".

And I know some piano teachers who have really worked their students hard to get them to learn the letter names of the music notes - and I've used this approach myself - and I've even had some success with it, but at a cost.

  • The truth is, most students today are involved in so many after-school activities, in addition to their increased homework demands, that they are just plain burnt out when their weekly piano lesson rolls around. When you see your student struggling just to stay awake, it's a little hard to turn up the heat.

Besides, I want my students to enjoy the piano, not dread it - which is where a lot of piano students find themselves.

Yeah, I might have a little success by pushing them hard, but every student has their breaking point, and that's normally around the 2-year mark...or if you're keeping track of the financial toll, it's somewhere north of three thousand dollars.

Who Am I and How Can I Help?

Hello, my name is Guy Faux and I'm the developer of the Piano Super Course.

I designed the super course primarily for students who have struggled with traditional piano lessons.

I have been teaching piano in student's homes, in the classroom and online for over 25 years now and I know the challenges that students face on a day to day basis. Of course, the real question is, How Can I Help?.

I Was Ready To Quit Piano

Now I had 13 years of traditional piano lessons as a kid and believe me when I tell you, "I was ready to quit as soon as I turned 18." You see, I made this deal with my mom at the age of 5, that if I started piano lessons, I wouldn't ask to quit at the first sign of difficulty.

  • Well, to make a long story short, I stayed the course and eventually learned how to read standard music notes, but to be honest, I wasn't very good at it. And to top it all off, I really didn't enjoy playing the piano.

After all those years of lessons it still took me weeks to learn a simple pop song using standard sheet music.

  • Now I knew the names of notes, but unless you experience the Grand Staff for yourself, you'll never truly know how difficult it is to read two separates staves of music notes where the notes on each staff look identical but have different letter names.

I remember asking my teacher if there was an easier way of learning how to play the piano. I eventually discovered the secrets to learning how to really play the piano, but it wasn't from my piano teacher.

Let me just say, I had a very good piano teacher, but he was one hundred percent old-school. I studied nothing but classical music for 13 years.

  • Of course, I wanted to learn popular rock songs by Billy Joel and Elton John, but that was an entirely different way of learning. I wouldn't discover that little secret until I got to college.

The Secret To Learning Piano