Best Play By Ear Course On The Web!

by Jeff Houghton
(New York)

I have tried just about every ear training course on the market. I even fell for the scam that I could develop perfect pitch. I've done some research since buying that so-called super course and I've learned that people who have perfect pitch are born with it.

In any case, I'm only on lesson 5 of your audio course and I've already learned more in these few short lessons than I did in all the other ear training courses combined.

I really thought that your course was going to be all hype like the other courses I've bought, but I bought it anyways.

Your teaching credentials and experience is what convinced me to give it one more try. I even called Mercer County Community College to see if you actually taught there, and not only did I find out that you did, the director of the continuing education department told me that you were one of the best instructors they ever had. She told me that you recently left the college and that they didn't know how they were going to replace you.

Thanks for putting together such an awesome course. The online videos are also a big help. I'm so glad that I gave it one last shot.

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