Solo Guitar

Alex De Grassi

"Images help guide me to finish writing music, but I don't think it matters if anybody else sees or gets that," he said. "The bottom line is that I've connected with something when I'm writing—I think people notice that connection, rather than going 'Wow, listen to those chord changes.' They pick up on the more subtle intricacies. I don't like to beat people over the head and say 'you must hear this music with this notion in mind.' For them it could be about Uncle Bob passing away and that's fine.” — Alex de Grassi

Alex de Grassi is an American Grammy Award-nominated fingerstyle guitarist.

"Alex de Grassi is a treasure… his technical wizardry as well as his vibrant and poetic music-making make him one of the most distinctive steel-string guitarists performing today.” — David Spelman, Director New York Guitar Festival

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