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We appreciate your interest in becoming a Play By Ear Affiliate! I’m pleased to have such a great product to share with you! If you're looking to earn extra money from your web site, mailing list or blog, then you've come to the right place.

I’ve put a lifetime of music experience and over 20 years of teaching techniques to make my program unique. As a full-time private piano teacher, I know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to learning how to play the piano.

What you'll discover is that my course is not only practical, but extremely effective. It produces results in real-world situations.

With the help of my staff, our great customer service and our new graphic design team, we have produced an extremely profitable product with an extremely low refund rate!

The navigation links on the left will give you all the tools you need to become an affiliate.  You’ll find terrific colorful banner ads and helpful guidelines to help our product sell easily on your website!

Together, we can bring music into lives around the world where it wasn’t possible before.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at info@easy-chord-piano-lessons.com.


Guy Faux
Online Piano Instructor
Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course


Why Choose Our Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course

Since 2010 Easy-Chord-Piano-Lessons.com has been helping students understand and read sheet music with the help of video lessons and Easy-Read Sheet music.

Extra Bonus Course!

In 2013 we added an alternative course, Play Piano By Ear.  With this new development of teaching, our sales doubled within months!  We knew we had something special, so we decided to combine our courses!  

The Play Piano By Ear Course became so popular, we included our other course of Video lessons as an extra bonus! Giving our course a new name – the Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course!

The Student

Anyone can create a piano course, upload it to the Internet and start making money...but unless you understand the everyday goals and needs of each individual piano student, your course is most likely going to create more frustration in your students than anything else.

I've been fortunate to experience a great deal of success in growing my student roster and retaining students over the past two decades of teaching. Those same teaching techniques have gone into every aspect of my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course.

Our Foot In The Door

Playing piano by ear is sought after worldwide with very few resources. Having visitors from 67 countries (and counting) Guy knew that with his experience and the niche in the market, we’d have a great product.

Proud To Use ClickBank

We are proud to use ClickBank as our vendor. Since 1998, ClickBank has helped tens of thousands of people gain more financial control and freedom in their lives by turning their knowledge, passions, hobbies and work experiences into an additional source of ongoing income. With ClickBank’s secure server, our customers are guaranteed to be satisfied.


About The Play By Ear Affiliate Program

Got a Great Website?

Maybe you’ve noticed that traffic on your website is starting to come your way. You’re going to need the right advertiser that you believe in – not a random “pay-by-click and hope-you-make-a-few-cents” sponsor.

With my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course, you’ll feel confident to write a review straight from the heart.

Whether you have a website, blog, or send out newsletters to inform customers of great products, we know you’ll be pleased with promoting our course.

Fantastic Features!

·         Visitors can get MP3 Audio Sample Lessons and weekly email extras to help them feel more secure before they make the purchase.


·         Customers can go from a Complete Beginner to an Advanced Player in just 6 Months! Learning Piano By Ear eliminates all the time consuming formalities in traditional piano lessons.

·         Over 120 MP3 Audio Files, PDF Sheet Music and PDF Written Instructions! These are divided into 24 easy to understand 2, 3 and 4-Chord Lessons.


·         12 Master Class Sessions with over 40 MP3 Audio Files, PDF Sheet Music and PDF Written Instructions! With new sessions continually added every month!


·         Play By Ear Lessons can be downloaded individually or just viewed for instant access!

·         Bonus Course Included! The Easy Chord Piano Lessons Course has over 70 Videos with downloadable sheet music! These are divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Lessons, Plus a Step-By-Step Practice Guide, 9-Week Chord Exercises, and an extra bonus: Inverted Chords Lessons!

But Wait – There’s More!

·         Online Customer Service 7-Days a Week!

·         Secure Payment by McAfee and Norton VeriSign!

·         Instant Access! No inventory or shipping!

·         Password Protected Site

·         Customers will be able to play any style of music they love!

·         World Wide Customers to increase your earning potential!

·         Lifetime Membership!

·         Professionally Designed Welcoming Website

·         Attractive banner ads for your site!

·         Inspiring Testimonials! One of our customers even surprised his bride on their wedding day! Watch the Video!





How Much Can You Earn?

Great Commission!

·         Play Piano By Ear pays you 50% commission for every Audio Super Course you sell! Plus our monthly promotions and emails keep our customers on their toes!

·         We have an extremely low refund percent of 4%! That's unheard of in the online music instruction industry, but it lets you know that we are offering a product of the highest quality, and that you can feel secure in knowing that you'll retain 96 out of every 100 orders that your web site produces.

Clickbank’s Hop referral tracking system captures information about who was responsible for that visit— namely you, the affiliate. This ensures that if a customer clicks on a HopLink referral tracking URL you've posted and ends up buying the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission!

Our complete course sells for $39, so your commission works out to about $18 after Clickbank fees.

If you made just one sale a day, you’d have $540 a month, that’s $6,480 a year! So much for that extra part-time job!

Let’s See What You Could Make…    1 $540.00 $6,480.00 2 $1,080.00 $12,960.00 5 $ 2,700.00 $ 32,400.00

Sales Per Day

Monthly Income

Yearly Income










Imagine 10 sales a day once your traffic starts to build – that’s $5,400.00 a month, and $64,800.00 a year! So much for that full-time job you love so much!


How Do You Get Paid?


Checks or Direct Deposits are automatically sent to you on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule by ClickBank  - the most trusted 3rd party affiliate program manger online.

Once you've signed up for a ClickBank account, you can log in and get stats like the number of people you've sent to our site, number of sales you’ve made and best of all – your commission!