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Play By Ear


“The ability to play piano by ear for most people has always

been an extremely mysterious and elusive talent, seemingly reserved for only the really truly gifted musicians of the world." - Guy Faux


Now You Can Learn How To Play

Piano By Ear In Just 24 Weeks


Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and play any song that you hear, without the help of sheet music. Now you can be using my time-tested, proven method...and you can do it in less than 6 months without having to take traditional piano lessons.


My PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Course Is So Easy!

Well, You Get The Idea...


You’ll begin by learning a very simple melody and two basic chords.  I'll show you the secret to pulling melodies right out of thin air. You'll be playing songs from the very first lesson and amazing your family and friends in a matter of weeks.


My PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Course is a chord-based learning system that will take you from a complete beginner to a professional sounding piano player in just 24 weeks!


How Is That Even Possible, You May Ask?


The answer is simple...


By learning how to play by ear, you eliminate the most time consuming part of learning any instrument....learning how to read standard music notation.


Learning how to read sheet music takes years because there are so many notes and complicated music symbols to remember...but learning how to play piano by ear depends solely on how dedicated you are to learning an ear-training system that really works!


Take A Look At What You'll Get In This Amazing Course...


Learning Complex Songs


"This may be an obvious statement, but the key to learning more complex songs is to first learn simple songs, which is how my course was designed and developed."


Lessons 1 to 9 will have you learning simple, 2-chord songs.


In these lessons, you'll get plenty of practice matching up simple melodies with two basic chords. By the time you complete Lesson 9, you'll be more than ready for more complex melody lines.


I also give you short lessons in-between the main lessons to help you get ready for more advanced techniques in later sessions.


In mini lesson 4.2 for example, I teach you the 7 most common chords in every key, plus their inversions, and give you an organized daily practice plan that produces amazing results in just 10 weeks.







Lessons 10 to 16 cover 3-chord songs.


In these lessons you'll learn how to determine the 3 main chords in any key and how to match more complex melodies with their proper chords.


Lessons 17 to 24 cover 4-chord and multiple-chord songs.


In these lessons the light bulb will be switching on with every new song you learn. This is where all the pieces really come together.


Once you understand the music theory behind 4-chord songs, the songs with more than four or five chords won't seem so intimidating or overwhelming. 


Developing Your Ear And Your Musical Knowledge At The Same Time!


What good is having the ability to play by ear if you don't know how one chord progresses to another? This is where many other ear-training courses fall short.


What good is it knowing how to play a thousand chords if you don’t know how they go together? I’ve yet to see a piano course teach this one simple technique.


I’ll not only reveal the secret of how chords progress, but I’ll show you how to substitute advanced, richer sounding chords that will really spice up the simplest of piano arrangements?


In my course, you'll be learning the inner workings of music as you develop your ear and learn how to play the piano.





I'll show you how to determine the chords to any song, in any key. This one technique alone will eliminate the most frustrating aspect of learning how to play by ear...and that's finding the correct chord for any given melody.


I lost track of the number of times students have told me that learning the melody is easy compared to trying to figure out the chords. This is why I start you out with simple 2-chord songs and help you gradually progress to songs with a dozen or more chords.


When you understand the relationship between melody and harmony, it won't matter how many chords a song contains, because I’ll show you how to match a chord to the most complicated melody line.


Upon completion of Lesson 24, you'll be able to determine the chords not just by your ear, but with your knowledge and understanding of music theory. At this point, learning songs by ear will be second nature to you.


In just a few minutes from now, you can gain total access to my entire online library of audio and video lessons.


Total Access means that you have access to every video and audio lesson from day one of your membership. There’s no waiting or delay. You don’t have to finish the beginner lessons before you can move on to the intermediate or advanced lessons.


Total Access means Total Access…Instantly! In less than 5 minutes, you can gain total access to my entire online library of audio and video lessons, along with the following bonus offers.






Along with my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Course, you’ll receive access to my online, 9-week chord video lessons covering the 24 most used chords in pop music. I’ll also include my Step-By-Step Practice Guide designed to produce dramatic results in just 10 minutes a day.


These are simple practice techniques that I’ve developed over the years with my private students that have proven to be highly successful in chord style piano playing.





If you’ve ever struggled switching from one chord to another, no matter how basic the chord pattern, then my 8 video lessons on inversions and chord voicings will show you the secret to changing chords quickly and smoothly…and you’ll be able to master this skill in less than 10 weeks.




If you are a complete beginner to chord style piano, then my 12-lesson starter pack will get you up and running in a matter of weeks. You’ll learn everything from sharps and flats to my secret to learning the names of the keys and being able to instantly recognize any key or group of keys in just a matter of days.


The beginner section gives you instant access to 24 online videos, featuring our close-up, direct overhead camera view, allowing you to see every note and chord played in slow motion and at normal speed. My 12-song starter pack is perfect for students of all ages.









Once you complete the beginner lessons, you can move on to the intermediate section of my course. In these 20 online video lessons, featuring our close-up, direct overhead camera view, you’ll continue to develop your piano skills and knowledge of chords.


Each lesson includes free, downloadable EZ Read sheet music, and remember, you can access these lessons any time you want. You have total access to my entire online library of audio and video lessons, including the free sheet music.





Along with my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Course, you’ll also receive instant access to my advanced chord style piano lessons, featuring 43 online videos. That’s over 70 videos, but that’s not all.


I've taught these techniques in colleges and high schools throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York over the past 10 years, and I know what it takes to learn how to play the piano quickly and easily.


In Bonus 6 below, I’m going to make you an offer that you can’t possibly refuse – not if you truly want to learn how to play the piano using the most advanced and updated learning techniques in the industry today.










The mysterious nature of being able to instantly play any song you hear really will amaze your family and friends, and I have no doubt that learning how to play piano by ear will be one of biggest achievements in your musical journey.


You will develop your ear and musical knowledge to an extremely high level within the next 24 weeks, and for today only, Wednesday, May 1, 2013, I’m offering you the opportunity to receive 21 additional Play Piano By Ear Master Class Sessions that will help you fine tune your ear to a level that will amaze even the most advanced musician.


You’ll learn everything from transposing songs in any key to creating professional sounding piano arrangements using substitution chords and advanced chord progressions that will give any song a deeper, richer sound.


The release date for these master class sessions is Monday, July 22, 2013. You can advance order my 21 Master Class Sessions for today only, Wednesday, May 1, 2013.



Gain Instant Access Today!