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Free PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Lesson, Issue #001
May 26, 2013
Ear-training and Music Theory In One!

Hello, and welcome to the first two lessons of my PLAY PIANO BY EAR Audio Course.

In these lessons you'll learn how my course is different from all the other ear training courses, as well as discover the most enjoyable way to learn how to play piano.

You'll start by learning a very simple melody in Lesson 1, and in Lesson 2 I'll teach you two basic chords and show you how to match up the melody and chords.

Click Here to try out your first 2 Lessons absolutely free!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please feel free to email me with any questions you have about the lessons or the entire audio course.

You can contact me at:

I promise to personally answer all your questions about any aspect of my audio and video lessons. It's my goal to help you reach all of your piano playing goals. Enjoy!

Your Online Piano Instructor,

- Guy Faux

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