The nine video lessons below will help you master the 12 major and 12 minor chords in a very short amount of time.

As the name applies, watch 1 new video each week for 9 weeks, adding a new video, or 3 new chords to your daily 10 minute practice routine every week. Week's 7 through 9 will consist of only 2 new chords per week.

Each video exercise will take you about 3 minutes per day. Mastering these chords at the beginning of your online lessons will make your piano learning experience much easier and a great deal more enjoyable...and remember, these musical skills will last you the rest of your life.

Week 1 of 9: C, F & G major

Week 2 of 9: Cm, Fm and Gm (m = minor)

Week 3 of 9: A, D and E Major

Week 4 of 9: Am, Dm and Em

Week 5 of 9: Ab, Db and Eb Major

Week 6 of 9: C#m, F#m and G#m

Week 7 of 9: Bbm and Bb major

Week 8 of 9: Bm & B major

Week 9 of 9: Ebm and F# major

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