Playing Piano By Ear
        Becoming A Musical Genius

You're less than 12 months away from obtaining genius status among your family and friends. Keep reading and you'll understand what I mean.

In the upcoming issue of my FREE Play Piano By Ear Practice Guide, I'm going to talk in greater detail about my 3-Step Process to playing piano by ear.

  • And more importantly I'll be focusing on Step 3, because it's the one skill, that if you understand it fully, you could almost teach yourself how to play by ear.

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Many people have learned this amazing, mysterious skill for themselves by following my 3-Step Process.

Learning how to play piano by ear is not difficult if you understand 3 very simple musical concepts. I talk about these concepts in my free practice guide.

  • People who have followed my practice guide have told me that my guide was so easy to follow and made so much sense, that they wanted to know why this wasn't being taught by every piano teacher.

If you ever wanted to play piano by ear, then here's your chance. I only offer my practice guide at no charge for a limited time, and the concepts that I teach really do work.

Watch the video below to hear what some of my former online piano students have to say about my Play Piano By Ear Practice Guide and my 3-Step Process to playing piano by ear.

Guy Faux
Developer of the Play Piano By Ear Super Course.

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Here is how my 3-Step Process works. Don't be fooled by its simplicity. I'll fill in more of the details throughout my Play Piano By Ear Practice Guide.

Step 1

I teach all of my students the 12 major and 12 minor chords. These are all 3-note chords and are the easiest chords to learn and play on the piano.

There are more chords to learn, and I will teach them to you, but these 24 chords are the most important because every other type of chord is built from these 2 main chord groups.

Step 2

I teach all of my students how to read sheet music super quick by using 
EZ Read Sheet Music in all of my video and audio lessons, (see example below).

This allows all of my students to play a melody line with their right hand, and basic 3-note chords with their left hand, with relative ease.

But remember, the goal is to play piano by ear. Sheet music is just the vehicle to help you reach this goal.

"All I wanted is to be able to play by favorites like Billy Joel and Norah Jones and now I can. Instead of being frustrated trying to learn scales and traditional techniques I now love to sit and just play. Thank you Guy!"  Meghan Montague


Step 3

I teach all of my students the relationship between the right hand melody and the left hand chords. Now, this may not seem like much, but this is the key to playing piano by ear!

  • The relationship between the melody and the chords is the key, and I have dozens of written and video testimonials from students who, once they finally caught on to this one little piece of truth, have told me that it was like someone turning on the light switch in a dark room.

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