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The Secret To Reading Piano Sheet Music In A Day!

The one thing that stands between you and the ability to play the piano, is the ability to read sheet musicWith the Chord Piano Method and EZ Read Sheet Music, you will be playing the piano in less than a year!

And once you learn how to play by ear with the help of recent advances in ear-training and my new and improved "Play Piano By Ear Super Course", you can eliminate sheet music altogether.

Imagine, sitting down at a piano and being able to play any song just by listening to it. It's really not that difficult to do if you know a few simple techniques, which is where my fully guaranteed piano super course comes in. 

Watch the short video below to learn the amazing secret to reading sheet music in a day!

The advanced chord piano arrangements you just watched consist of basic 3-note chords played with your left hand and single-note melody lines with your right hand, which is where my Specialized EZ Read Sheet music comes in. (see directly below)

With my EZ Read Sheet Music, you can be playing advanced piano arrangements like the ones from the video - and you can be doing it in less than a year.

You can be one of the 20% who actually reach their dream of playing the piano at a high level.

  • Every lesson incorporates my EZ Read Sheet Music to make learning the piano easy and fun! 

  • You won't experience the frustration with standard sheet music that forces 8 out of every 10 students to give up their dream of playing the piano.

   If you aren't completely satisfied with my online piano course, for whatever reason, then just send me an email and I'll promptly refund your complete purchase price - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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  • My Complete Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course
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  • 21 Play Piano By Ear Master Class Sessions
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   It would take you years and thousands of dollars in private lesson fees to try to learn these techniques from a traditional piano teacher - if you could even find one who taught the chord method.

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Student Testimonials

"You really can break some rules and learn to play the piano! I highly recommend Guy Faux's Chord Piano course. The approach really is incredibly easy and Guy's ability to simplify music theory equips you with the basics that make quickly learning piano both possible and fun! Once I started to see the patterns, it all started to make sense and fall into place. I totally enjoyed his course and feel I can now begin to share the gift of music with others." Sandy Welsh

"I heartily recommend this course to anyone who even thinks they want to learn piano, especially anyone who took traditional lessons and gave up because they were boring." Frank N. Hiejbel

"I learned that there is a set pattern for figuring out major chords, and from there it is easy to figure out minor chords, seventh chords, diminished chords -- all without having to flip through pages or chord charts or spending hours on memorization. I would definitely recommend the 6-Week Chord Style Piano Class to anyone who just wants to sit at a piano and play popular songs. The course is fun, easy and works!"  Donna Marinelli

"All I wanted is to be able to play by favorites like Billy Joel and Norah Jones and now I can. Instead of being frustrated trying to learn scales and traditional techniques I now love to sit and just play. Thank you Guy!"  Meghan Montague

"His techniques really work; you learn how to read music, play chords with the left hand, and play the melody with the right hand. I believe if you can type, then you can play the piano. I recommend Guy's piano class to anyone who is interested in learning to play popular music."  Nauman Chughtai



Student Testimonials

"I have played piano by
ear since I was 9 years old, however, I was only
able to play with my right hand. I never knew how
to chord.

I have taken some piano classes on reading music
but that takes forever to perfect. So I decided to
take Guy's course. After the first week, I could play
songs with both hands. Guy has been a gift from
Heaven, I never thought I could play with both hands.

Guy makes chording simple and easy to learn. If you
are frustrated with trying to read music I recommend
you take his course. You will be playing beautiful
music in no time. Guy is an asset to his craft."

- Robin Fancher

"I have always wanted
to learn to play the
piano but didn't want
to take years of weekly
lessons before I could
play even a simple song.

After 6 weeks of Guy
Faux's course I am now
playing songs using both
hands. Guy makes learning
to play the piano
easy and fun."

Richard Gunoskey