If a 7-year-old kid who struggled with traditional piano lessons for two and a half years can learn this method, then anyone can -- even busy teenagers and overworked adults!

Christopher started traditional piano lessons with me when he was just 5 years old. He struggled in the beginning and I can honestly say that there were no measurable results after the first two and a half years of lessons.

  • I asked his mom if I could teach him a completely different way of playing the piano...a method that I had learned when I was a teenager.

The video below is Christopher, age 9, performing "Changes" by David Bowie, after just 17 months using the new piano method.

A year later, at the age of 10, Christopher recorded "New York State Of Mind" by Billy Joel. His musical growth with the new piano method was beyond amazing, to say the least.

This is not an easy song to play, but Christopher followed the new method exactly as I taught it to him.

A year later, at the age of 11, Christopher recorded "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. Once again, his skills and understanding of music grew by leaps and bounds.

Chord  Style Piano Video Demonstration

When I see one of my students struggling with traditional piano methods, I make every effort to switch them over to Chord Style Piano. The video below is just a brief demonstration and explanation of this amazing piano method.

If your son or daughter is currently taking traditional piano lessons and you know they're close to throwing in the towel, then it's time to give Chord Style Piano some serious consideration.

  • Most piano teachers do not offer chord style piano lessons. One reason is because there aren't a whole lot of method books on the subject.

However, I've spent the last 17 years developing straightforward teaching techniques to help students learn this extremely enjoyable way of playing the piano.

When you combine chord style piano, with teaching students their favorite songs, you have the perfect recipe for success!

Helping Students Enjoy Practice Time!

When I was a kid, my piano teacher told me at my first lesson that I would need to invest 45 minutes to an hour every day into practicing if I wanted to learn how to read sheet music fluently.

  • The problem today is that students are involved in so many after-school activities that they just don’t have room in their busy schedules to practice an hour a day.

The good news, is that students can learn the basics of Chord Style Piano in just 10 to 15 minutes of daily practice and still see noticeable results. When you combine chord style piano, with teaching students their favorite songs, you have the perfect recipe for success!

  • Instructor: Guy Faux
  • Guy teaches Chord Style Piano full time, Monday through Friday.
  • Several openings are still available.

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chord style piano lessons, please call: (856) 662-6855. 

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